Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hello, World!

Every self-respecting programmer starts learning a new language with a "hello, world!" program. Although I don't always respect me in the morning, I still thought it appropriate.

Yes, I am a programmer, but don't let that turn you away. Although I had my Napoleon Dynamite years when I was a teen (yes, I played D&D and drew magical creatures, had no dating life to speak of, and was president of J.E.T.S. at our high school), I promise I've matured since then to a mental age of at least 16.

My interests now vary all over the proverbial map and I hope that if anyone reads what I post here, if they don't always agree with what I say, at least it will make them pause and think a little. Expect occasional posts regarding current events, music and everything about pop culture, male-and-female differences, science, etc, etc, etc (to quote Yul Brynner). And expect little doses of off-the-wall humor every now and then -- I like to keep things light.

Getting kind of tired... I think I'll go home now... :-)

Good Night!!


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Mike Thomas said...

Hey, welcome to the blogosphere!
Consider yourself linked.
Geeks and nerds rule out here, so no need to apologize for your past D&D affiliations ;)

I like the name, too. I remember the mix tape well.

At 10:44 PM, Blogger Jose' said...

Thanks! I was just having a little fun with the stereotypes. I enjoy joking about being a nerd. I think people find it disarming and it's a good conversation-starter.

It's funny, though, because nearly every non-computer person I works with tells me they don't see me as one, yet every hardcore computer nerd I've worked with ambraces me as one of them. A geek Zelig am I, perhaps.

At 1:13 AM, Blogger Robert said...

"Bienvenue" as they say in Quebec (though they may not spell it that way).

I haven't been reading blogs much lately, being a little busy with the baby and all. Love the hello world reference.

Will also link when I get a chance.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Mike Thomas said...

I'm curious if the perception of "computer geeks" in our pop culture has improved over time. I mean with certified computer geeks like Bill Gates and Michael Dell filling the ranks of the Fortune 500 these days, you might think that the stereotype would be gaining more respect.
I've noticed in a lot of movies recently where the typical computer geek character has been elevated to a more prominent and supporting role - still not the hero, but getting closer. National Treasure is one example I can think of right off and I'm sure there are more...

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Jose' said...

Hey, Robert and Mike. Thanks for writing. Regarding the perception of geeks in pop culture I think it has become more positive. In general, though, I think they have taken the place of the "mad scientist" stereotype of yesteryear. in the sense that they are hyper-intelligent people who are incomprehensible to your average Joe who can be swayed to serve either good or evil purposes. While many more are viewed positively in movies (such as in the Matrix movies or in "National Treasure") there are still other instances where they are viewed negatively (in many of the same movies where there's a "white hat" nerd there's an amoral "black hat" nerd as well).

I think among younger kids and teens it is currently in vogue to give them a little more respect then they did in our day. We can thank the "Napoleon Dynamite" movie for this for the most part. I think that respect is just a fad, though.

In the adult world, I think that the perception has improved in a more permanent sense. I think your average adult still doesn't understand geeks, but I think they recognize and respect the value we add to society. Most importantly to me, that means that I won't have to hide my "Talk Nerdy To Me" bumper sticker any time soon. :-)


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